Here’s Some Homework For You If You Are Thinking Of Buying a Home


Your Name (s): _______________________________                      Date: __________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________           Email: _______________________________


Things we need you to do now:

  • Find A mortgage broker/lender. We recommend comparing at least two mortgage brokers/lenders to see who will give you the best terms and rates.
  • Discuss Disclosure and Consent to Dual Agency- don’t sign this one.
  • Review the estimate closing cost.
  • Interview an Attorney. Generally real estate attorney’s cost between $1,250 and $1,500.
  • Interview and Hire a Home Inspector. The home inspector generally cost $700 approximately. For all single-family homes, we recommend having a radon test conducted.
  • Change privacy settings on Facebook and LinkedIn to the highest security setting possible, while still allowing people to friend you. Do NOT post anything about your home search as it can be used against us during negotiations.
  • Send a copy of your pre-approval letter to us as well as the contact info for your mortgage consultant /broker.
  • Keep us updated on your mortgage process.
  • Do NOT buy anything expensive or open new credit cards. Pay all bills on time. Be very careful with your finances from now until we close.

Review the contract and any riders which will be used at the beginning of your home search, so you are comfortable with the contracts when the time comes to put in an offer. Ask us to send these to you when you are ready to review them.